Getting started with Harp, a static web server that can intelligently serve out Jade, EJS, LESS, CoffeeScript and other such files without any configuration.

If you don’t already have NodeJS, please download and install it:

Run this command to install Harp globally:
> npm install harp -g
Go into whatever directory has the files you want to serve out (your project) and type in:
> harp server
You can now go to the given address in the browser to view the served files. If you are a MAC user, you can add an alias to make using Harp even easier. Type the following in your command-line:
> nano ~/.bash_profile
Add this to the end of that file: alias server=”harp server” Save, close the terminal and re-open. You can now just type in ‘server’ as a command in any directory and it will start a server that will serve out the files from that directory.

For more information about Harp, please visit their site: